Photo Pow!

Version 3.0 iOS 8 Support Update

Version Functionality

  • Included help link to How To Use
  • Notification support


Version Bugfixes

  • Updated support for iOS 8.x
  • Updated UI
  • Facebook Sharing update
  • Bug fixes and memory optimisation.

Version 2.0 Saving and Sharing

Version Functionality

  • Save and share with social media sites.
  • Better structure for selecting photo library or camera images
  • iOS 7 style buttons
  • New ability to set multiple stamps before save and sharing.


Version Bugfixes

  • No longer requires a save to Photo Library before sharing.

Version 1.5 New Stamps

Version Functionality

  • New Stamps!   Bang, Bosh and Power (Kanji).


Version Bugfixes

  • Better iOS 7 support

Version 1.0 Photo POW!

Version Functionality

  • Scale stamp
  • Support all device rotations.
  • Support screen resolutions on iPhone/iPod Touch, iPhone Retina, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Retina.
  • Usage metrics.